Peaceable Journey

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View & share the film online now

View & share the film online now
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LEARN more about animals, food, farming & peaceable living

Respecting the individual
How to get involved with advocating for animals, preserving their habitats, rescuing individuals in need, and fostering greater understanding and compassion.

Food & Daily Life
Choosing compassion
How to get started transforming your home and kitchen. Plant-based nutrition, recipes, local produce, international cuisine.
Humane Farming?
Making sense of confusing claims
Plain truth from former farmers about what
labels such as “Cage Free,” “Free Range,” “Grass Fed,” and “Humane Certified” really mean, and how to make informed choices.

Environment &
Our Future

Understanding causes and effects
How does animal agriculture affect our environment, human health, world hunger and endangered species?

Conscience &
Social Justice
Making deeper connections
What are the challenges and rewards of aligning our lives with our values? How does advocating for animals relate to other struggles for justice, past and present?

SHARE our films and their message in your community









Friends, Family & Co-workers
View or share DVDs with the people in your life
Kate and Mike Sharadin invite friends to their Seattle home to watch the film, sharing a tasty meal afterwards along with conversation about their efforts to incorporate their values into their daily lives.

Community Screenings
Host an event at a theater, library, place of worship, community center
Jen Kaden held a number of small screenings in Cleveland before organizing a large-scale premiere that attracted a standing-room-only crowd of 500.

Classrooms & Conferences
Include DVD & bonus features in educational programs and events
Professor Sherry Colb shows Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home at the beginning of an annual seminar she teaches at the Cornell Law School.
SUPPORT large scale opportunities for transformation

Tribe of HeartOverview:
Vision, Goals, Opportunities

Support the art of peaceful transformation

Life-changing Films & Programs
Introducing new, life-affirming paradigms, inspiring compassion, and awakening conscience.
In order to continue producing and distributing ground-breaking work, we need your support!

Many Languages,
One Inspiring Message

Bringing the film to countries and cultures around the world
Help us achieve our goal of translating Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home and The Witness into 15 or more additional languages over the next two years, making its message understandable and accessible to the majority of the people in the world.

Empower Teachers & Healers
Help us carry out initiatives to expose our films to a wide range of community leaders and role models in a position to make societal change happen, including teachers, professors, humane educators, clergy, coaches, counselors, librarians, nutritionists, doctors, psychologists, veterinarians, and other professionals focused on education, spiritual growth, and the healing arts.

Engage Culture-Builders
Challenging cutting-edge thinkers, creators and leaders
Help us bring the message of the film to the attention of visionaries and innovators in the fields of arts & culture, science, humanities, philanthropy, government, peace & social justice advocacy, those who are shaping the ideas and the agenda of the decades to come.

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